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Reality TV this weekend, America's drug of choice. Stephen Curry last night. Salt. Lake. City. Last. Night.  Oscars tonight - what's fact, what's fiction. 32,000 for Trump/Sessions in Alabama. Apple/FBI. Supreme Court. White House. Oval Office. Only in America. What a country. 

"America" - who exactly isn't yet 100% confirmed - found time to name Appalachia the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) of 2015, according to Huntington News this Saturday (2/27/2016). The paper implies it was the Executive Office of the President. I am not yet able to source independent corroboration - except via LA HIDTA Twitter handle. Checked Google. Checked Nor am I am able to source a press release from the City of Huntington congratulating HIDTA (city). My assumption is that the award is legit but the "media signal" is weak. That said, the details of this 2016 webpage are pretty amazing. Right down to the Underwood Law Offices in the left rai…


Where do ideas come from? Where do they go when they are gone?
Friends laid to rest Harper Lee in Alabama this week. Wayne Flint gave the eulogy that Lee requested - "Atticus inside ourselves" - based on 2006 racial justice tribute to Lee at Birmingham Pledge Foundation (YouTube). If a reader has text of those remarks, as an American, I would be grateful to read them. Lee's Monroe County - adjacent Creole Louisiana - bleeds about as far south as you can go in North America without slipping into the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Basin and West Indian triangular trade currents carrying trans-Atlantic African-American crimes against humanity.

My father is an attorney. When I was young and first read TKAM I thought he was Atticus Finch. Or, at least that it was his job to be Atticus Finch. America and I could be more like them. I daydreamed through CliffNotes in sophomore English. Today I make maps TPAB. Maps as geopolitical art, science, signals, business, documentation, an…

Grammy Family

In arts this President's Day: fully-electric "To Pimp a Butterfly" from Chicago GD-degree removed, Kendrick Lamar, stands tonight with 11 Grammy nominations. Kanye West claimed he will win 100 in his lifetime (Complex). Emanuel Administration-degree removed Chancelor Bennet ( from 79th speculated about Grammy's commercial prerequisites... 
You said let’s do a good ass job with Chance 3 I heard you gotta sell it to snatch the Grammy
Let’s make it so free and the bars so hard
that there ain't one gosh darn part you can’t tweet

...before naming Jason Van Dyke during a singular delivery of Ultralight Beam on NBC. West subsequently indicted, broadly and by name (Zuckerberg, Page), San Francisco / Silicon Valley arts and media financing:  All you dudes in San Fran play rap music in your homes but never help the real artists…source20 Committee observed if he didn't exist, West would have to be invented (Twitter). Quite right. From my perspective the co…

Central America

look closely enough at any prominent US politician and inevitably you will find some shady dealing involving Latin America The Nation
"It seemed a little unimportant, when he told me I smiled
Picture jewels being handed, to an innocent child" 
Makaveli "Blasphemy"

In political economy, security and insecurity are key inputs to health, income, et al outputs. Who is secure? Who is not?

Today, Saudis piloted Boeing F-15s to Turkey for military operations contra Syrian targets: 1) Kurds and 2) Assad's Syrian state. Turkey is NATO, obligating the United States to defend Turkish national security. Despite decades of support for Pentagon operations in Gulf War 1 and Gulf War 2, Kurds enjoy no such protections.

"they got money for wars but can't"... clean Flint Water?

Measured in financial terms, Saudi Arabia is USA security customer #1: Obama/Clinton sold $60B, 20-year hardware/security package in 2010. Buying-up from 2007 $20B deal with Bush/Rice State De…

White Water

"white water" - what is the significance of the phrase in a place like Little Rock. In the context of Flint.

"Whitewater" is not so named because of the rapids and rafting. I don't think. It's from White River. Which is significant in a place on the edge of the Confederacy. Still in the 1980s. When and where Bill Clinton was Governor. And prior Attorney General. Investor in Whitewater Development Corporation (Washington Post) - developing on White River downstream from Bull Shoals in the Ozarks. Writing in 1988 the The New York Times describes national security threats originating from the Bull Shoals region:
In April 1985 state and Federal law-enforcement officers raided the 224-acre compound, finding stockpiles of weapons including submachine guns, grenades, explosives and an antitank rocket. A 30-gallon drum of cyanide was also discovered.
Prosecutors contend that the group intended to use the cyanide to poison public water supplies in New York City and …