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California Love

Californians face a representation crisis. Sample recent geopolitics: ~500K more people voted Clinton in Los Angeles County (1,893,770) than voted Trump in Wisconsin State (1,404,000 - NYT. 11/4). California's historic 8.2M votes for candidate Clinton did little to the influence the national outcome.

From NY/DC Acela Corridor, the Golden State is 3K miles and a 5 hour flight over North America's Great Plains and Rocky Mountains. A continent apart from Trump and Clinton's Empire State. 

California's "obscene" Clinton cash machines did little against Trump's cheap, segmented, devisive, targeted messages to high-ROI "battleground" voters (Bloomberg). Ohio. Florida. North Carolina. Pennsylvania.  And beyond: Michigan, Wisconsin. Clinton's popular wins in liberal cities are as historically amazing (statistical outliers!) as they are electorally irrelevant. Consider Orange County, California the sixth largest county among The States. LA Times:

Lead Nation

I respect any vote for Hillary Clinton premised on her superior play of a rigged game of thrones. In terms of benefitting from a political economic system, detractors and supporters appear to agree. She's among the best.

When carrying two devices inconvenienced Queen H, she exclusively (NYT) used private mail to conduct the foreign policy of the United States. Finding the revolving door between private and State business too burdensome, she took it off the axis. What revolving door? 
Clinton represents the logical end of the bipartisan elite consensus to privatize gains - and bill losses to the public. Where Cheney laundered State business to friends at Halliburton, Clinton routed State business directly through her family's private foundation. Literally and tangibly. In this last election of The Boomer Generation, Hillary Clinton represents the apex predator immune to rules or change - an anomalous conservationist/conservative of the status quo in a revolutionary era. 

Wild West

Click this link to register to vote in California.
The campaign blows southwest - Utah, Arizona (#ArizonaElectionFraud?), Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii. Probably others but who can remember. What's going on out here? Not much. Silicon Coast Bubble: Sea-Tac-->PDX-->SF-->Silicon Valley-->Silicon Beach; a networked tinsel-techno-tinder culture bubble maybe curating American Pyscho 2.0 for these new times of Trump:
And sometimes I think that if I had written the book in the past decade, perhaps Bateman would have been working in Silicon Valley, living in Cupertino with excursions into San Francisco or down to Big Sur to the Post Ranch Inn and palling around with Zuckerberg and dining at the French Laundry, or lunching with Reed Hastings at Manresa in Los Gatos, wearing a Yeezy hoodie and teasing girls on Tinder. Certainly he could also just as easily be a hedge-funder in New York: Patrick Bateman begets Bill Ackman and Daniel Loeb.Local spelling bee champs at Alphabet (wiki), in q…

South By Southwest

El Nino blew through Chicago last Tuesday. Unseasonably hot (52 degrees actual versus 38 average) and humid: 0.14" versus 0.8" precipitation (WeatherUnderground). Something's in the wind. Charged protest at University of Illinois Windy City. Bloody police (Google). Media arrest on the street (CBS). Mass shooting at election-eve drug war raid in Homan Square (US News). 3 police shot, one target dead. For context, June 24, 2015, US DoJ raided and charged 42 defendants guns, heroin, cocaine, seizing $50k "black market" money a few blocks away (Twitter).   Back in the present, Chicago Mayor and Clinton confidant Rahm Emanuel spent part of last Monday night at Stroger Hospital (slow911).

#ByeAnita got out the vote on core justice issues, voting out Cook County's State Attorney. Sanders campaigned hard on patterns of civil injustice contra executive sponsor, Chicago Mayor Emanuel. The morning after voting, former Clinton WH staffer and Emanuel confidant, Paul Beg…


Tactical geopolitical madness across the midwest this March 2016. Red, blue. Black, white. University of Chicago AB’64 Sanders ("A Political Life") campaigned contra Rahm Emanuel's deplorable record creating access to education, security, and justice. Sanders could have but did not cite Chicago's lead-based water risk.
Chicago Tribune with lead data 1995 - 2013 (published Feb 2015 - interactive app)

Friday afternoon: St Louis. Friday night at University of Illinois - Chicago, Illinois State police grounded and arrested a credentialed CBS reporter, Sopan Deb (CBS). Physical confrontation bloodied Chicago Police. In Dayton, Ohio, Secret Service responded to Thomas Dimassimo's leap over security gates at Trump and in front of Trump's Boeing 757. Hours later, Kansas City deployed mounted police and pepper spray (KCStar). On stage, Trump hypothesized about Dimassimo links to the Islamic State. Secret Service declined knowledge (BuzzFeed).

Chicago put police blo…