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Television Cities

Who cares about dead-ass white Gary Webb from Ohio besides Maxine Waters - "the face of the Democrat Party" - from Los Angeles? Before Waters led Congressional investigation of the war criminals that robbed Deutsche Bank, she wrote the 1998 foreword to "Dark Alliance", Webb's book covering Iran-Contra and the war that leveled LA communities in the 1980s. In the present, Waters faces political challenge by proxy in the friendly face of Omar Navarro. As Election 2020 plays out across screens, the most important battleground is your state of mind. And there is a good chance that territory is virtually rubble. The Stalingrad of the Fake News War is itself fake. Television City was a Trump real estate project for NBC that popular opinion concluded failed in 1987. With hindsight, The Apprentice produced The President and the images that monopolize your memory. The war for what you remember is over the air waves and between two Television Cities: Hollywood and Manhatta
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Making a Killing

Measured by FBI homicide data, the United States is dramatically safer yet people feel less secure. Here’s why. Murder is an infamous crime from private crimes of passion between lovers to public world-rendering instants like “9/11”. In the United States, the blitzkrieg of homicide in the 1980s and relative Pax Americana in the 1990s left scattered killing fields with little explanation from criminology and less justice from courts. We do not know who did much of the killing in hundreds of thousands of cases. When national killing peaked in 1993, there were 7901 unsolved homicides in the United States that year; of those, 17% (1388) were unsolved in New York City. NYC’s Rudolph Giuliani attributed subsequent peace that yielded 2018’s 50-year murder low to local policing of disorder such as  “broken windows”: "obviously murder and graffiti are two vastly different crimes. But they are part of the same continuum, and a climate that tolerates one is more likely to tolerate the other

The Story of Good Music

P1 V1 41 yo Terrence Thornton of Virginia Beach-via-Gun-Hill projects in Bronx, New York rapped recently about the pain of broken wedlock, pride of fatherhood, and authenticity in art. He did so very publicly, very brutally, named names and left listeners shocked at his nerve and audacity. Thornton gleefully shattered the aura of invincibility shrouding his business rival Audrey Graham’s public persona as the face of global entertainment brand “Drake”. Thornton revealed Graham acting (earnestly) in blackface, disclosed Graham’s secret paternity, attacked Graham’s conduct as a son, mocked the ill health of Graham’s best friend, and injured Graham’s new product launches planned for this summer. His work, "The Story of Adidon", borrowed the naming convention, music, and “my skin is black” refrain from Jay-Z's "The Story of OJ" -- itself a song about denying self-evident attributes and immutable facts. In subsequent radio interviews, Thornton made it clear that he w


US President George HW Bush and NAFTA died November 30, 2018. Bush in Houston, Texas. NAFTA in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Former Mexican President Salinas sat with Angela Merkel at Bush's December 2 remembrance at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. Though two southwest governors, New Mexico's Bill Richardson and Arkansas Bill Clinton, get much credit and blame for NAFTA's 1994 Congressional passage, since Presidents Bush and Salinas, and PM Mulroney signed NAFTA  October 7, 1992  in San Antonio, Texas, US murder rates plummeted in an unexplained 1990s US criminology mystery an d plausible Cold War peace dividend. Yet five years after 9/11, Presidents Bush and Calderon's Merida Initiative industrialized fast and furious war across south Texas borderplexes. They lit up the continental crossroads and geopolitical pivot point at the Center of the Known Universe via escalated combat policies sustained by their successor administrations, Obama and  Peña Nieto . Initiall

Inextricable and Mutual Sadness

Measured by % of the overall population, black men in the US are most disproportionately victims of fatal police violence; black women are also disproportionately killed. Whereas police kill Hispanics "equitably", only non-Hispanic white and Asian men, and women, are killed less than their share of the general population. In Asians’ case, much much less. That inequitable pattern is amplified in California. In California, Asians make up 15% of the population and less than 4% of police killings, a proportionality gap 3x more favorable than the gap for non-Hispanic whites. By comparison, black Californians are 6.5% of the state population and 16% of police homicides: an inequality 38% worse than the already inequitable national benchmark. That data led to basic factual and analytical errors, including among high-profile California officials. Those errors also revealed the best and brightest's basic ignorance of #BlackLivesMatter most important messages. Take future CA gove


Before the 2016 US Presidential Election, and for the fifth consecutive year, Texans reported immigration and security as their highest priorities ( San Antonio Express ). 2000 miles northwest of Texas, on the same international border, Californians ranked employment and the economy as principal concerns ( USC ). Many people might assume differences between the state governments and cultural histories of California and Texas, together 20% of the US population ( Census ), explain their wildly different perceptions of national issues related to Mexico and drugs. But you have to understand the difference in Mexico between those two border areas - California and Texas - and how that might influence different Americans perceptions of "the problem" of Mexico and or drugs. Breitbart Media brands Breitbart Texas and Cartel Chronicles did not emerge from a political vacuum. They emerged from the 21st Century's hottest global drug war zone outside Afghanistan's Helmand River

America Versus America

Before Mexico extradited Joaquin Guzman ( Department of State profile ) to Brooklyn on the final day of the Obama Administration, an assassin murdered the 37 year old Mexican judge assigned to Guzman's case . CCTV captured the point blank assassination: a young judge shot in the back of the head while jogging across the street ( YouTube ). Once in Brooklyn, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York described Guzman's ability to influence politicians, judges, police, and militaries across the world, presented eleven exhibits, and petitioned New York's Eastern District court to detain Guzman before trial ( pdf ): "In sum, it is difficult to imagine another person with a greater risk of fleeing prosecution than Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera." With good reason. Guzman twice escaped maximum security prison. And the Brooklyn US Attorney wants Guzman to forfeit $14 billion. Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman  escaped authorities and