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US President George HW Bush and NAFTA died November 30, 2018. Bush in Houston, Texas. NAFTA in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Former Mexican President Salinas sat with Angela Merkel at Bush's December 2 remembrance at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. Though two southwest governors, New Mexico's Bill Richardson and Arkansas Bill Clinton, get much credit and blame for NAFTA's 1994 Congressional passage, since Presidents Bush and Salinas, and PM Mulroney signed NAFTA October 7, 1992 in San Antonio, Texas, US murder rates plummeted in an unexplained 1990s US criminology mystery and plausible Cold War peace dividend. Yet five years after 9/11, Presidents Bush and Calderon's Merida Initiative industrialized fast and furious war across south Texas borderplexes. They lit up the continental crossroads and geopolitical pivot point at the Center of the Known Universe via escalated combat policies sustained by their successor administrations, Obama and Peña Nieto.

Initially centered on transnational drug and chemical kingpins in Texas border state Tamaulipas, robust paramilitaries responded in kind with tactical capabilities to destroy government aircraft, engage head on Department of Homeland Security Special Agents inside an US Government armored sport utility vehicle, control ports, direct oil sales, and execute mass media operations - including assassination campaigns to liquidate alternative media with impunity. Perhaps because of that missing and demapped media connectivity, a curious disconnect persists. US-MX border politics decided the 2016 election and "caravan" politics dominated 2018 US midterms: mainstream commentators scoffed at the clear and present national security and human emergency: rock throwers injured US agents, authentic asylum seekers and true criminals overwhelmed a Baja California city, POTUS deployed troops to temporarily shut the world's busiest border crossing in California, and hardened an untenable status quo. Though the two Presidents Bush are most famous for commanding troops in the Persian Gulf, the Houston family's and naval patriarch's most durable geopolitical legacy is the successful rotation of North-South American traffic from Caribbean maritime to the intermodal Mexican land bridge connecting Laredo, Texas with the Gulf of California. NAFTA was the key that unlocked North America.


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